How to install Nand2Tetris on Windows 8/10 for Computer Systems course

Step 1, download files

  1. Download the patched version of Nand2Tetris from this link, and uncompress it into any folder you want it to be in.
  2. Download Java 11 from this link or any version you like from this website

Step 2, install Java

On Windows, it is super easy to install a software with an installer package by just double-clicking the Java 11 installer package download in step 1 and following the wizard to complete the installation.

Here is the step-by-step wizard:

Step 3, test the commands

Go to the Nand2Tetris folder , you would see something similar in the following:

Double-click the highlighted icon and wait for seconds, it will launch the Hardware Simulator:

All icons like the following screenshot indicate a tool you can launch and use.


The AdoptOpenJDK installer package is very handy, which makes the Java settings easier. Usually, it needs couples steps to do post-install settings. By using installer package, it gets everything ready in on step. Also, for some tools in Nand2Tetris, users can just double-click the icons rather than launch them from command line.



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